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Used Stairlift

The advantages of a second hand chairlift are:

  • capitalize: the warranty is cheaper than for new stairlifts.
  • capitalize: a good company gives you a 12 months' warranty.

Disadvantages, however, may be:

  • capitalize: less choice in types and models
  • capitalaize: if you have a stairlift with a bend, it may be more difficult to find a suitable lift. Look carefully at what models are being offered
  • capitalize: the second hand stairlift will always be in a different condition to that of new stairlifts

If you are considering buying a second hand stairlift, then choose a reputable supplier. Be careful if you're thinking about buying a stairlift from a private individual: will it fit properly on your stairs? Who's going to install it? Does a warranty come with it? Are spare parts available?

We regularly get requests from people who want to sell their second hand stairlift. Selling a stairlift second hand can be difficult, especially when it comes to a stairlift with a bend and custom made stairlifts. In these cases, it will be unlikely that you can sell your stairlift second hand. The sale of a second hand straight stairlift is of course easier.

When you sell your stairlift second hand, you need to consider who will take it out/dismantle it (you or the buyer) and who is going to deliver it or pick it up. There are various options for selling your stairlift second hand. Through local ads, via the Internet or a company that buys and sells second hand stairlifts:

Local ads - an advertisement in the local media is fairly inexpensive and can be ideal if the buyer comes from the neighbourhood.

Through the Internet - there are several sites where you can sell your second hand stairlift. By using these sites, your reach is greater than with a local ad. There may be additional costs involved because the person buying your stairlift may live far away.

Stairlift suppliers - there are several stairlift suppliers who buy up second hand stairlifts. You can always approach these companies to see if they want to buy your stairlift. 

Save time and money:

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