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The advantages of a chairlift

A chairlift is another name for a stairlift. Owing to developments in the healthcare sector, more and more elderly Canadian people are choosing to continue living at home for as long as possible. Care can be purchased and with the tools available nowadays, continuing to live at home also becomes an increasingly better alternative. In order to be able to live there as long as possible, it may eventually be advisable to install a chairlift in your home.

Who is a chairlift appropiate for?

A chairlift is especially suitable for people with limited mobility. You may for example, be less mobile because of an illness or condition, or if you've fallen and are not yet fully rehabilitated. With a chairlift and despite your limited mobility, you can still choose to continue living in familiar surroundings.

The advantages of a chairlift

With a chairlift, you can continue to live in your entire house, including the upstairs! A chairlift transports you safely up and down your stairs. A chairlift has a comfortable chair and often has a safety belt. A chairlift often also has armrests and footrests for added comfort. The electric control unit of the chairlift is easily operated by hand. 

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