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Continuing to live at home

We often receive questions about the cost of a stairlift in relation to the cost of a move. Because stair climbing has become too difficult or impossible, moving often seems the only option. If you list the costs of moving, you'll find that the acquisition of a stairlift is usually cheaper.

The costs of the installation of a stairlift depend on the sort of stairlift you acquire. Does it involve a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift and do you need a stairlift for one or more floors? Stairlifts with a bend cost more because they're made to measure. However, you can already have a new straight stairlift from 3.935 CAD. A secondhand stairlift is even more economical. If you set this against the costs of moving, continuing to live at home is cheaper. It's not just about transportation costs with a move, but also about costs such as: new floor covering, paints and often another kitchen, etc.

Regardless of the cost of moving, there is also the emotional issue. It can often be emotionally very difficult to get away from a familiar environment. Why move, when with a minor modification - the stairlift - you can stay living in your own home.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase a stairlift, then choose a company with a good reputation and experience. Please apply here for your quotations!

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