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Stairlift warranty

Suppose you are considering buying a stairlift. Then what about the warranty, exactly? Stairlift warranties differs per manufacturer and supplier. The warranty often covers both the components of the stairlift as well as malfunctions in use.

If you want to be sure that your stairlift continues to function optimally, it's advisable to take out a stairlift warranty for one or more years. You actually then pay the stairlift supplier for annual maintenance. Before you decide to purchase, ask the suppliers of your choice what the possibilities are for this.

Virtually all suppliers have a standard warranty of at least 12 months and sometimes even 24 months for new stairlifts. Should anything happen to your stairlift within this period, the manufacturer will come and resolve the problems, often without obligation. Ask the suppliers of your choice for the warranty conditions and the possibilities for extending the warranty period. 

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