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Walk in baths with a short tub

 A walk-in bath with a short tub requires less space in your bathroom. The bath is easily accessible due to the wide door and the bath offers a comfortable seating position. Depending on the model, the door can be situated on the side or on the front of the bath. The new walk in bath will take the place of your old bath or shower. The place left over is filled up with a comfort box, so re-tiling will not be necessary.

A short tub walk in bath can be expanded with a wall-mounted or handheld shower.

Advantages and disadvantages of a short tub Walk-in bath: 

  • Short tub walk-in baths take less floor space, and will fit a small bathroom more easily
  • Shorter filling time and draining time
  • Less spacious
  • Water stays hot for less time because the bath contains less water

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