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Buyer's guide to purchasing a walk in bath

Taking a bath safely will becomes more difficult as you age. Entering and exiting your bath will become hazardous. There are many people who have stopped using their bath, even though they need the warm water in order to relax.

Options are not using the bath anymore or moving to an elderly home, where people assist you while you are taking a bath. With the purchase of a walk in bath, moving is no longer necessary and you will be able to take a bath safely and discretely in the privacy of your own house.

Walk in baths come in 2 basic models:

  • Walk in baths with a short tub
  • Walk in baths with a long tub

Both models have an entrance that is very low to the ground and are thus very accessible. The spacious door on the left, right, or in front also make entering and exiting easy , even when you use a wheelchair or walking aid.

Another option is a walk in shower with a shower chair. Walk in showers can be installed within a day and include thermostatic taps and safety grips.

For every bathroom we can offer a solution which meets your demands, wishes and budget. If you are thinking about buying a walk in bath or shower, it is important that you first obtain product information and prices.

Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy which uses water to offer you relief from pain and tension. This can be a good option if you have rheumatic or orthopedic pains. But it also helps when you have problems with your nervous system.

Hydrotherapy uses different water temperatures and water pressures to help to ease the pain. Your skin registers the incoming impulses and leads them through to your brains. As an answer to these impulses, the brain stimulates the immune system, blood circulation and the digestive system and reduces the production of stress hormones and the sensitivity to pain.

The walk in bath can be equipped with spa systems which can be used for hydrotherapy. In this way you can combine safe and comfortable bathing with the curative power of a spa.

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