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A lot of people find it difficult to safely use their bath. This is caused by old age, sickness or limited mobility. When you have a problem safely going in and out of your bath, you might consider buying a product that makes it possible to safely use your existing bath once again. 

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If stepping in and getting out the traditional bath has become difficult or even dangerous, a bath lift can be a good solution.

A bath lift helps you with entering and exiting the bath. While you are sitting down and getting up you will be supported by the bath lift.

The bath lifts work with hydraulics, or with water pressure, or are powered with batteries. If you are looking for a solution to get in and out of your bath safely without any construction work on your bathroom, a bath lift is a good solution.

A bath lift is a seat which supports you getting up and down into your bath. In the highest position the bath lift should be at the same height as the top of your bath. You sit down on the bath lift and place your legs inside the bathtub. From this seated position you can lower yourself into the hot water and enjoy a lovely and relaxing bath. When you are finished bathing, simply press the button to put yourself in a upright position again. This way you will never get cold!

When you are not using the bath lift, the lift can be taken out of the bath. So the tub is empty and can be used by others. But you can also leave the bath lift in your bath if you wish.

The backrest of the bath lift can be easily adjusted to the angle of your bath. This means that you can choose how far you lean backwards when seated in the warm water. The starting position is always straight to give the best support. When you lower the bath lift, the backrest will follow the angle of the bath to a comfortable position.

There are 3 types of bath lifts:
1. The inflatable bath lift (cushion)
2. The foldable chair that works on water pressure or on batteries
3. The bath lift with the belt system                     

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